Genuine input and advice, from qualified profe‍‍‍ssionals.

Cybergig is a transparent and refreshing twist to talent acquisition. Our founders are actual IT and Information Security Professionals with Operational and Project Management experience.

Cybergig was conceived because the costs of traditional and ‍‍‍specialist recruitment models are often not perceived as good value for money, the methodology of qualifying prospects is poor and the people tasked with finding the ideal candidate have no real knowledge of the industry they are working in and have actually never hired anyone for their own business.

We are a genuine network of experts who are active in our specialist areas on a daily basis. This allows us to not only capture your requirements, but also allows us to guide you and qualify candidates like no other, we strongly believe it takes one to know one.Gone are the days where the client spells out the profile of the exact person they are looking for, then gets bombarded with sub-standard CVs, wastes hours interviewing the wrong people and potentially ends up choosing the best of the bad bunch – whilst paying a premium for the privilege.

We believe that the best service is based on a straightforward, transparent, open and frank relationship, coupled with a detailed understanding of your needs to allow us to deliver a very personal service.All delivered for less cost than your PSL.