Our Services


And so we have created services that lets you choose how your jobs/projects are delivered


There is nothing standard about our Recruitment Service:

We provide full Active (people actively looking for a new job) and Passive (people with the skills and experience you need but they are not actively looking) recruitment solutions which also includes full headhunting services to ensure that you are seeking the best talent from all aspects of your local workforce.

Recruitment fees - See below for our recruitment cost structure options.

Delivery as a Service / Fixed Project Cost

For some clients, they prefer to buy an outcome that they are not responsible for the deliver of.  We therefore become your delivery partner.

As a network, we can do this and are approved via the Government frameworks for this.  We assume the delivery and risk and pull together the very best people available for the project.

However, unlike other consultancies models, we let you see who will be delivering the work and our cost model is a real enabler.

For fixed Project costs we charge 1/3 upfront, 1/3 on review and 1/3 on completion.

Contractor or Interim Solutions.

On occasion, due to capacity or capability, organisations need some additional flexible resource.

We are specialists in this.  Our networks give you access to the best people but structured in a way that also gives you access to contractors at thier direct rates.

No more paying inflated rates of recruitment or contractor agencies.  100% Transparency is our guarantee.

Recruitment Service Differences

  • No recruiters, but actual specialists /professionals performing peer reviews/input
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Full Headhunting Service For Each Job
  • Clear, Fair Pricing that is cheaper than PSL's
  • Bespoke Networks Built per campaign - full workforce coverage
  • Premium Job Boards & Advertising

Delivery as a Service Differences

  • Full transparency of costs, see what we are making on the contract
  • Full disclosure of who we will use on site - no more being sold a solution by an A-Team but getting graduates delivering the work
  • Payment schedules to suit
  • Full Strategy and Implementation solutions

Contractor Service Difference

  • Full transparency of costs, we provide you full 100% transparency on what each contractor wants to earn
  • Save between 50-70% of what agencies charge
  • Use your own contracts, call off contracts, or ours - we have nothing to hide
  • Pay contractors directly or via a framework
  • Fully IR35 Compliant to Public Sector and new 2020 rules

Compliance & Governance

Regardless of how we deliver your requirement you can be certain that our standard compliance checks on each and every person is carried out to MOD or NHS standards as Standard and typically include:

DBS Declaration

Three Years Referencing

Gaps In Service Checks

Right to Work

ID Checks

Qualification Checks

Recruitment Cost Structures

Risk Free Recruitment - unlike traditional agencies, we believe in getting you the right people and only the right people. So there is no charge from us until someone has been with you for two months. 12.99% margin (14.8% markup).

Spread The Cost - If you prefer, for 18% margin (22% markup) we will spread your recruitment costs across 12 months, if a candidate leaves payments will cease.

Risk Reward Recruitment - All of our services deliver better quality candidates at better costs than recruitment agencies, but if you have a volume of work then this structure delivers all your needs with 70% savings guaranteed. Please ask for details.