How do Recruitment Agencies Work for Clients?

  • Jan 16, 2019

How do Recruitment Agencies Work for Clients?

Not sure how recruitment agencies actually work? Here’s a guide for you.

Initially, a recruitment company will get in touch with an agency to say they have a role on offer. The recruitment agencies will then either:

Look at their current database, to find matching candidates

Post the job online to source applicants with the right skills.

When the recruitment agencies have sourced some suitable candidates, they’ll then send them through to the company for approval. They will then generally arrange interviews for the best-matching candidates.

This all sounds very simple and straight forward but these days, recruitment agencies doing just this isn’t enough. It is becoming extremely difficult to source the real talent that clients need.  Many organisations these days are striving to attract and retain the top millennial talent.  This is a workforce that will comprise more than 50% of the UK workforce by 202o. Attracting and retaining this pool of talent has proved to have been a huge struggle for many; even when using recruitment agencies.

The days of searching on job boards and throwing CV’s of candidates looking are now proving to be over. So why do recruitment agencies still seem to be using all the same methods? Leaving their clients with a pile of unfit candidates for the role, that is until a candidate looking eventually comes along. This can drag out the process even longer and eventually when recruiters have found someone capable, they may be lacking in the real experience they need.

How is Cybergig Different?

Cybergig, however, differs for the standard recruitment agency; offering a much better quality service which ensures the best calibre of candidates are put forward to their clients. Not just candidates found on job boards like standard agencies. It is thanks to their internal team and expanded network of expert member professionals that this is possible.  Their team and network qualify, peer review and even peer network in order to ensure that every one of their client's opportunities is known to the right people.  Their quality assurance is something not found with a standard recruitment agency. This is because your needs are matched to a network member who is a genuine subject matter expert in the field that you require; with background and first-hand experience of your need and not just a standard recruiter.

Cybergig’s quality is just one difference, not only do they have access to the best talent because of the way they do things differently but they also generate significant savings for their clients when compared to standard recruitment agencies you may think about using or may have used. They also offer payment plans to spread the cost f your recruitment over 12 months or even recruit at no upfront cost and no risk.  They are ensuring that every part of the recruitment process is a lot less time to consume, more productive and stress-free. Even when it comes to payment.

Take a look at how Cybergig can help you today with your Staffing requirements - or speak to a team member!

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