Recruitment is Changing For The Better Thanks to Cybergig.

  • Jan 8, 2019

Recruitment is Changing for the better thanks to Cybergig, but first, let's see what are the main teething problems in the recruitment industry today. For many years the term ‘recruitment agency’ has been dirty words for hiring managers, but recently there has been a wind of change. Many businesses are now turning to recruitment agencies, with a move towards ‘partner’ relationships between employer and agency.

So why the shift? Some of the main reasons why organisations are now developing closer relationships with recruitment agencies are because many recruitment agencies can offer a time-saving service, with access to national job boards and additional services to help business’ with hiring needs, but the real question is, are relationships between agencies and companies really any better?

Many companies across the UK are using recruitment agencies to help them with their hires but are they really happy with what their agency is doing for them? There are currently 39,232 recruitment agencies registered as trading in the UK giving UK business a huge choice but it all seems they have just adopted the same way of working, none of them seems to offer anything genuinely different.

The average recruitment company consists of mainly a large volume of young graduates who are the sales front but also these same individuals carry out the candidate qualifications from individuals they have acquired using job boards using a list of buzzwords to help them to do so. This is because these individuals haven’t actually done any work in whether it be IT, Info-Sec, Engineering, Project Management etc, they are just a recruiter. So this brings us back to the first question again as to whether companies are actually happy with the work that most agencies are doing for them? I have spoken to many Managing directors, CEO’s and owners of business' across the country and the answer has consistently been a firm ‘no’. With many agencies adopting a solely sales and target driven agenda, it isn't hard to see why thousands are left disappointed by agencies.

Cybergig was conceived to not only change negative views on recruitment agencies but to offer a standard of service that sets us far aside from other agency ensuring that we are always at the top of any PSL. Cybergig is raising the bar for recruitment. They do not use graduates with a sheet of buzzwords to qualify our candidates but we use real subject matter experts in the field that you require, someone who has actually done the job in hand. These individuals not only qualify but also reach out into their own networks and make sure everyone hears about the great opportunity you have. This ensures that every candidate put forward to our clients are They know are really suited technically and culturally to the role.

Not only do Cybergig unlock the very best talent for clients, giving them access to thousands of individuals not available through normal agencies, but they do this whilst generating significant savings for all clients compared to standard agency fees.

"Cybergig proactively looked to help meet our complex business needs, identifying a number of highly skilled people, quickly, at very good rates"- David Matthews- economic Statistics Change and Support for the ONS

"Castle water had given several well-known agencies weeks to deliver our resource needs, yet the quality of candidates was not consistent with what was needed. Cybergig, however, has always managed to deliver candidates that are perfectly suited to our needs within days of us going to them. They have delivered consistently across multiple roles with the pace and urgency that you cannot get with agencies. we get the very best service from them and receive significant savings against agency fees" Kevin Martin- IT Business Partner at Castle Water

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