Would you trust a recruiter to find you the right staff?

  • Jul 2, 2018

Why would you trust a recruiter to find you the right staff?

Would you trust a recruiter with your hires? I found a web page the other day that really got me thinking in a different light.  Why do businesses actually use recruitment agencies? More often than not, they are people looking for buzzwords in a group of job boards, pulling the CVs in and sending them to you in the hope that one of them will stick.

Cybergig is an alternative model that gets actual professionals to vet, qualify and peer review people before sending them across as options.  Think of the proverbs “ It takes one to know one” or “it takes a thief to catch a catch a thief” …..

The majority of recruiters will not have the following experience:

  • Actually hired someone themselves?
  • Ever run their own business, department or budget?
  • Ever done the job they are actually recruiting for?

Fortunately, Cybergig can answer yes to all the above and we only use subject matter experts (SME) to actually recruit your next staff. Not a recruiter who may lack life experience and experience in the area that you need. That is also why we give 40% of our fee away to the SME that help us.  And we do all of this cheaper than recruiters with 100% transparency of all costs.

We provide the tools, network and perform the grunt work.  Leaving the SME to simply qualify the right one, not just anyone!


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Our bespoke innovative technologies can provide you a free report detailing the following information for any project, initiative or recruitment need you may have.

These reports only use “live data” and are the most accurate reflection of the workforce in the geographical area you need at given time. Just stipulate, the skills or experience you need, or job title of the job you require and we can provide you with:

How many people live within 35 miles of your location with the skills, experience or job title that you are seeking

  • How many of that total are actively looking for work
  • How many of them are contractors, permanent staff etc
  • How many active CVs are available with the skills and experiences you need

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