CEO Pay and Cyber Security – MP’s want the two linked.

  • Feb 5, 2018

MPs have been discussing linking CEO pay to an organisations ability to defend itself from Cyber criminals.

Jesse Norman MP, chairman of the committee, said: "Companies must have robust strategies and processes in place. They have to be backed by adequate resources and clear lines of accountability. To stay one step ahead in a sophisticated and rapidly evolving environment. Failure to prepare for or learn from cyber attacks, and failure to inform and protect consumers. We must draw sanctions serious enough to act as a real incentive and deterrent.

In another report by Tripwire, it suggests that less than 25% of organisations could not meet the 72-hour data breach notification set out by GDPR. (based on 406 cybersecurity respondents).  It is also known that over 50% of the FTSE 350 companies do not have adequate cybersecurity so what chance has small business got of delivering good Cybersecurity?

It is true that the threat landscape for 2018 looks to set more records, but given that the government has also suffered major breaches in HMRC, Scottish Parliment the NHS and possible the Brexit referendum to name but a few, it should look to clean up its own house before casting the first stone.


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