Lower Costs

We believe that recruitment is hard work, but agencies are charging too much for you to have CV's thrown at you from job boards. We guarantee to beat your PSL and for a quality of service you are most definite to be happy with.

Real ex‍‍‍perts

We use real experts to qualify and carry out peer reviews of CV's and spend time individually speaking to every candidate to ensure they re‍‍‍ally are right for your organisation. No recruiters with a sheet of buzzwords, just real people who have done the job in hand. There is no one who knows the role better than someone who has already walked the walk. These people also go into their own networks to give you access to people NOT available on the open market and NOT available with standard recruitment agencies.

Happy Clients

We provide the very best quality solutions with pace and urgency. Due to our way of working, our highest quality qualification process. All of our clients would be sure to unlock the talent they need and bring their innovations to life.

What Can Cybergi‍‍‍g Do?

We simply find you the very best ta‍‍‍lent. We don't use recruiters, we use real experts. Our goal is to reach all active and passive candidates to get you the very best outcomes for your recruitment need.‍‍‍

  • Full Headhunting
  • Interims / Contr‍‍‍actors
  • Fixe‍‍‍d Cost Projects
  • Delivery as a Service

Karen Taylor

Head of Assurance - Vocare

Cybergig aligned us with a specialist for all of our GDPR compliance/regulation work so that we paid the contractor directly and paid Cybergig a one off fee of £2500. This saved us over £40,000 when compared to other alternative methods but we also got exactly what we needed delivered.

Enock Mhindurwa

Managing Director - Regis Healthcare Ltd.

I have worked with Steve for over 10 years. He has a holsitic knowledge of the entire healthcare economy and being a qualified Project Manager with NHS experience helps him to really understand my issues and needs and get me the right people. Not only are they far more qualified and experienced in understanding my needs, but they are also more cost effective than any other agency I have worked with.

David Mathews

Deputy Director - Economic Statistics Change and Support for the ONS

Steve proactively looked to help meet our complex business needs, identifying a number of highly skilled people, quickly, at very good rates.

Kevin Martin

IT Business Partner - Castle Water

Castle Water had given several well-known agencies weeks to deliver our resource needs, yet the quality of candidates was not consistent with what was needed. Cybergig, however, has always managed to deliver candidates that are perfectly suited to our needs within days of us going to them. They have delivered consistently across multiple roles with the pace and urgency that cannot get from agencies. We get the very best service from them and receive significant savings when compared against other agency fees.

Barry Cooper

Operations Director - Vocare

Cybergig delivered us different options than that of other agencies, whom seemed to send the same candidates. It is clear that they are very well connected and headhunt as opposed to simply advertising or searching for CVs. We placed several high profile positions via Cybergig, and found their costs better than agencies despite them actually headhunting for us – great service and value for money.

‍‍‍‍‍Did you know that we are also a Crown Commercial Supplier?‍‍‍‍‍‍

Free Workforce Report

Our bespoke innovative technologies can provide you a free report detailing the following information for any project, initiative or recruitment need you may have.

These reports only use "live data" and are the most accurate reflection of the workforce in the geographical area you need at given time. Just stipulate, the skills or experience you need, or job title of the job you require and we can provide you with:

How many people live within 35 miles of your location with the skills, experience or job title that you are seeking

  • How many of that total are actively looking for work
  • How many of them are contractors, permanent staff etc
  • How many active CVs are available with the skills and experiences you need

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